Ray's Towing Since 1932

Ray's Towing Milwaukee Truck

Ray's Towing has been a leader in the towing industry for several decades. Ray's has light duty as well as heavy duty tow vehicles. Ray's Towing is a specialist in heavy duty recoveries and capable of doing any type of transloads.

24 hrs 7 days a week

Ray's Towing A Division of Jet Intermodal, Inc.

For more information visit: Ray's Towing - www.raystowinginc.com

Contact Information

Ray's Towing Inc.

414-481-4600 (Light Duty)
414-481-1722 (Heavy Duty)
Fax: 414-481-1242

833 West Waterford Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Operating Authorities
WI LC-41107
ICC MC-183742
US DOT-259395

Ray's Towing Inc