Secured Yard and Services

To enter our yard you must first have a gate code or be escored in by one of Jet's authorized employees. You must also enter a code when leaving the yard.

The yard is surrounded by a chain link fence with barb wire around the top. To enter the yard you need a code and have proper paperwork.

We have sercurity gaurds during the non-business hours. You will check in with the guard when you enter the yard. The guard will check your paperwork to make sure you have the right equipment leaving the yard. The guard has communication direct with our dispatch and other personnel.

The sercurity guards monitor the yard with cameras. The cameras are also monitored in our dispatch office. There is a digital recording of the cameras also which can be reviewed and downloaded.

Security cameras are set up to monitor the yard day and night by the guards and dispatchers.

The yard is fully lit to help in safety and sercurity of the vechicles and loads.

Contact Information

Jet Intermodal, Inc.
1125 West Waterford Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone: 414-744-5225
Toll Free: 800-686-5792
Fax: 414-744-7398